Leave Instruction

  • The team can compensate their leave if they have exceeded the applicable earned leave on weekend.
  • A maximum of 5 unpaid leave can be given to the employee if they have exceeded the earned leave and doesn’t want to compensate. Post which their case will be reviewed. If there is no proper reason for the leave, their employment can be terminated.
  • Employees who have a minimum of 5 earned leave can apply for compensation where they can claim leave compensation based on their base salary.
  • Sick leave is applicable for illness and emergency purposes. These leave cannot be compensated or availed without proper reason. Long sick leaves will demand a medical certificate from a registered physician.
  • You have to send your leave request email to reporting manager, project manager, and HR.
  • If you take leave without prior notice, it will be considered unpaid leave and deducted from your salary.
  • Any long leave of more than 10 days will include Saturday and Sunday as well.
  • All the long / extended leave should include @Shovan in the cc
  • Give your heads up on your task/handover plan during your absence in the email while requesting leave for more than 2 days.