Salary Payment for Employees

  • The salary will be transferred to the employee’s bank account as a direct debit at the end of every month (around the 27th).
  • The employee may find the payslips in GreytHR.
    • GreytHR >Salary >Payslips >Select the month >Download
  • For any issue with salary or payment please contact the HR department @
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TO DO: Add Tutorial for How to saw the payslips in greytHR

@sukumar please provide the following instruction

What information is needed for a bank account
Where can they submit the bank details
How to update the bank details
Instruction to find payslip
How to read the payslip
Payment Schedule, when can employee expected to get paid

  1. Regarding Bank Account We need the Below Details
    |Column 1 | Column 2|
Employee Account Number
Account Holder Name
Employee Bank Name
Branch Name
  1. At the time of joining employee should send the bank details through mail and also attache the scanned copy of Bank passbook for reference.

  2. If employee should update new bank details. Employee should send proper mail to HR and Finance Department. And also update greytHR employee portal as well.

  3. Company will release the salary to the employee at the end of the every month.

  4. For Payslip We already giving the details above, use your greytHR employee portal and download the payslip for every month and also every month HR department send payslip to every employees through email.