Travel & Expenses

  1. Work-related expenses will be reimbursed by the company, the employee is requested to share the receipts of the payments through E-mail to and
  2. Travel expenses will be reimbursed if it is purely for work purposes with a clear agenda.
  3. Expenditure should be submitted to HR in the given expense sheet with bills within 2 days of expenditure.
  4. Travel expenses can only be reimbursed for employees and not any friends or family traveling with you. The company is not responsible to cover their cost.
  5. You are responsible to get the best economical fair with a clear cancellation refund.
  6. Cancellation will only be refunded with valid reasons.
  7. Travel in the most economical and affordable mode of transport. You will need to get approval from management to use flights.
  8. The employee, on completion of travel, shall submit the travel expenses sheet to the concerned person in the prescribed format post approval from the manager to the HR Department within 2 business days from the completion of travel. This is required for the timely accounting of expenses. Upon submission of travel claims along with supporting documents such as bills and tickets, the expenses will be settled.
  9. For travel expense reimbursement
  10. Supporting Bills need to be mailed to the HR department with a travel ID.
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