Unpaid Absences

  • Attendance policy in offices is essential to boost productivity and minimize financial losses.
  • An employee leave request form should be completed at least two weeks prior to the anticipated beginning of a leave without pay.
  • Unpaid Time off is an authorized absence from work without pay for ten (10) consecutive workdays or less, which may be granted for medical or personal reasons after an employee has exhausted his or her applicable Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, available Personal Days, and available Compensatory Time Off
  • Serious health condition of the employee’s child, parent, or spouse* requiring the employee’s participation in care.
  • If any unintimated or unauthorized leave is taken, then the leave should be considered an unpaid absence.
  • Unpaid leaves of absence of six months to one year in duration must be approved by the supervisor, the department head, the senior officer for the area, and the appropriate Human Resources Officer for the department.
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