Work Timing (Absences, Permissions and Flexible Working)

Work Timing

The regular office time starts from 10 am IST to 7 pm IST (45 hours per week.) including 1-hour lunch break from 1 pm to 2 pm IST.

Absences & Permissions

  • You are expected to take leave only through the proper channel i.e GreytHR
  • If an employee wants to take a leave, he/she should apply for the leave through the proper authority i.e. the head of the department and the Team Leads.
  • If the manager of the department wants to take any leave, then they should hand their work to the same level employee.
  • If any unintimated or unauthorized leave is taken, then the leave should be considered an unpaid absence.
  • An employee is entitled to take reasonable amount of permission once a month for urgent issues with proper prior intimation to the management, for which they need to compensate on a Saturday. If we see it being used unfairly, the privileges will be taken away.
  • Employees are expected to make up for the lost work time taken due to permission work.
  • Only emergency leave is allowed to take without prior intimation, however, to be informed to the head through phone or email before 9 am a formal notice can be sent after joining back work.
  • Weekend compensation needs to be approved by the team lead and the Manager. The compensation will not be considered if there is no proper communication.
  • Break - 1 hour. This can either be taken together or broken into 45 mins of lunch and 15 mins of break depending on the employee’s requirement. Any personal requests should be addressed to the Manager.
  • Any messages on Cliq should be addressed within 5 minutes.
  • Clickup should be updated on a daily basis. Spot checks will be done randomly. If the hours are not updated properly or missed, the particular hour’s salary will be deducted.
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